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YouTube Premium Apk [Latest Version 2021 I No Ads] Download



YouTube Premium Apk

In 2021, YouTube becomes the most popular application and got billions of views around the world. Everyone who is using social media also wants to enjoy the YouTube premium apk on their smartphones.  As you know that, premium content is not always free and you’ve to spend some bucks to enjoy the premium service. Moreover, has also offering premium membership so you can buy the subscription and enjoy high quality content on YouTube without ads.

But there are some methods that allow you to watch the premium content for free. You just need to download and install the YouTube premium app on your smartphone. To use YouTube premium on your device, all you have to do is install the OG YouTube apk on your phone. It’s a random apk file that able you to get premium features of apps for free. There are two modes of YouTube premium apk for android. One is light mode and the other one is dark mode.

YouTube is the #1 video streaming application in the world and has billions of users across the world. In this apk file, there are some mind-blowing features that I’m going to share with you later but here I’m mentioning the two most useful features. One is screen minimization and the other one is no more irritating ads.

How to Earn from YouTube?

Millions of creators in the world using YouTube as their prime source of income and create awesome content on daily basis. And their fans love to watch their content so they download and save their favorite video. According to one survey, almost 720,000 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube every day. So if you want to enjoy the premium service of YouTube then I’m going to share with you guys the YouTube premium apk.

About YT Premium

With this application, no ad will appear during streaming and you can enable the dark mode and other awesome features. In today’s world, everyone is connected to the internet and uses YouTube on their mobile, PC as well as Android TV. YouTube is also a great source of income, people come to live or upload their videos share their daily life routines, life tips, and many other things. The bonus point is this, people watch their content and the creators earn money.

So if you’re using YouTube, you might be angry with the disrupting ads. If you want no more ads then it is highly recommended to buy a premium subscription of YouTube. Moreover, YouTube also offers a free first 30 days trial to check the user behavior.  If you want to get the premium service on your smartphone, you can use the YouTube premium apk.

App NameYouTube Premium
PublisherGoogle LLC
App Size32 MB
Latest Version16.13.34
Last Updated14 April 2021

You don’t need to install any other app or do configuration, just download and install YouTube premium apk free and enjoy the premium services. To get the YouTube premium features, many companies and developers have created applications such as YouTube vanced apk OG YouTube apk that offer premium subscriptions. These are just third party applications that provide you the premium features of YouTube.

What is YouTube Premium Apk?

YouTube premium app is an android application that provides you the premium features of YouTube. It is nothing else just the same as YouTube, open YouTube and log in with your Gmail account. Don’t worry, it’s safe and secure. It doesn’t require any routing. After login, you’ll be able to use it.

Get YT Premium Free

YouTube Premium Apk

Click the button below to Download YouTube Premium

This file is 100% Secure and Virus Free

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 14, 2021

With this app, you can watch videos online as well as download them to watch later. It will be the best choice for you, give it a try. YouTube is the biggest online video streaming that most of the world is using right now. Everyone can find useful content on this platform doesn’t matter what your age is what religion you belong to. You can watch videos, films, web series, dramas, horror shows, etc. Moreover, the kids can watch their favorite cartoons without any restriction.

If we say that the YouTube takes place of TV in this modern world then it wouldn’t be wrong. If you’re a teacher, student, business, or religious scholar, you’ll find useful content on this application. For people who love entertainment then it’s a great app for those people.

YouTube Premium Apk Features

There are a lot of amazing features of this application but of them, I’m going to share with you below so stay tuned. It is recommended for every smartphone user to know the features of any application before using it. After knowing about the features of this app, you’ll definitely love this application.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode

In this application, you’ll have two options to switch the app mode. There are two modes available in the YouTube premium apk latest version, one is white and the other one is dark. Most of us love black color, in dress, in apps, in the car, in shoes, etc. So, it’s a perfect feature for black lovers. Take a rest to your eyes with a dark background.

No More Ads

Ads Free

You might know that while streaming the ads is the most irritating thing that every user hates.  While watching videos on YouTube, you might see ads after every 30 seconds which is extremely irritating. So, with this app, you won’t see any ad while watching your favorite movie or series. It’s totally ad-free.

Background Playing

Background Playing

Background playing is another awesome feature of YouTube premium apk. You might know that if you use the official YouTube app then you’re not allowed to play any video on your background. But in YT premium apk, you can play music, videos, and movies in the background and do anything you want. Now you don’t need to stick in one app, just play anything and do your work.

No Root Required

No Root Required

A few years ago, it was very difficult to install any third-party application to your android device and It was necessary to root your android device. But now, you don’t need any root to use YouTube premium apk download for free. According to the latest technology, the developers now have advanced programming skills and they developed apps that give you permission to install any app without root.

Frequently Ask Questions about YT Premium Apk

Is YT Premium Apk safe?

Yes! This is secure and safe. I’ve personally tested and using this application in past years. You should choose this once.

Is this support all the features of YouTube?

Absolutely! This app supports all the necessary features of YouTube but it is offering more than this.

Is it legal to use the YouTube Premium App?

Bear in mind that, it is not legal or illegal to use the YouTube premium app for free. Downloading videos is against the YT policies but you’re using a modified version of the app which may ban your G- account.

Music Player

High Quality Audio

Many people love music and they love to listen to music in their daily life routine. Some of us are music addicts and we love to do work while listening to music. The developers take care of it and include this feature in the YT premium apk. In traditional YouTube, it is not possible to download and listen to any music in the background. But with YouTube premium apk, you can download any music and listen any time without having an internet connection.

Video Downloading

Unlimited Downloads

If you’re using YouTube, you might know that YouTube doesn’t allow us to download any video and watch an external video player. But this apk allows you to download any video and watch it anywhere.

Works Same as YouTube

Works as YouTube

If you’re thinking that it works the same as YouTube but it has also some extraordinary features, you’re right. It’s nothing else just the same as YouTube with some amazing features that I’ve told you above. This app will take your online video streaming experience to the next level.

YouTube Premium Apk More Features

I’ve already mentioned all the top features of this awesome app however if you don’t want to read the above details please take a look it here. It is necessary to understand the features of any application before using it. After knowing about its features, you’ll think that you should try this app once.

  • It is the same as the official YouTube app but with many new advanced features that make it more user friendly.
  • You can always switch the quality of the video while watching your favorite movie or drama. There are some video qualities available in this app such as 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD, and 4K Ultra HD. Choose your video quality according to your internet connection for faster and smoother streaming.
  • You can download videos in high quality with just a single click.
  • You can also download the Mp3 music, amazing right? It’s the most useful feature of this application. Now you don’t need to open YouTube every time to watch or listen to something. Just open the app and run it in the background.
  • No root required to use YouTube premium apk.
  • Open and watch or listen to any video or music with a single click.

Many people hate advertisements, right? While watching any video on YouTube the most irritating thing that we’ll hate is ads. Content creators on YouTube use ads to earn some revenue, but too many ads in a video ruin the user experience.  But in this application, you won’t see any ads.

It provides you the most favorite dark mode. You can switch the YouTube theme setting to dark mode. It’s the best feature for eye protection.

How to Download & Install YouTube Premium Apk?

If you’re a newbie and don’t know how to download and install any app on your smartphone without Google Play Store. Don’t worry, we’re providing here the complete guide on how you can download and install this app successfully on your phone. First of all, click on the download button and wait for few seconds.

Once again, we tell you that it’s a duplicate application of YouTube and works the same as YouTube. Now, most people thinking that how they can carry two same applications in a single smartphone. So, it is my humble duty to tell you that both of these applications are developed by separate developers and both of them have separate coding. So, you don’t need to worry about this just download and enjoy. Follow the step by step guidelines given below.

  • To install the YouTube premium apk file, you must have the OGYouTube apk file on your android device. We’ve provided the direct download link of OGYouTube, go above and download the file.
  • Before installing it, go to settings>security and then mark the checkbox of “Unknown Sources”. Now go back and tap on the install button.
  • You’ve successfully installed this app, now go back and open the OGYouTube apk. Now search and download MicroG apk. After downloading go to file manager and paste Android >  OBB > File Open.
  • After that open the OGYouTube apk, all is done now enjoy the premium services of YouTube on your smartphone.

Final Words

I hope so you like this article and now you want to use the premium services of YouTube. I’ve tried my best to cover every single detail about YouTube premium apk free version. If you read this article till the end then you might in love with this blog post. If you really love it, share it with your friends and family members. Moreover, please bookmark our website so you will get the latest updates whenever we post a new article. Enjoy the day!

Mark Joseph is from Pakistan. He did graduation with a Bachelors's in Computer Sciences in 2021. He is a passionate blogger, writer, and digital marketer. Moreover, he is an Android enthusiast

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