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Download Now Geometry Dash Apk v2.111 [2021] Free For Android



Geometry Dash Apk

Geometry Dash apk is a rhythm-based gaming series developed and introduced by the famous game development company RobTop Games on August 13, 2013. This company has developed many successful games compared to GTA V.  This game is specially designed for arcade game lovers. Before going into this game’s details, let me give you a quick overview of this game. It has some awesome features like Offline Playing, New Maps & Achievements, and many more. This game relies on the category of arcade games. Moreover, This is a single-player 2D game with HD graphics and HQ sound effects. It’s highly recommended for a better gaming experience to plug in your earphones and play this game. We love to provide the latest games and apps to our visitors, so for daily updates, bookmark our website and visit us daily.

About Geometry Dash

Initially, Geometry Dash apk free was paid for and introduced for some platforms like iOS, Android, and Steam. Its price was $1.99 for iOS and $3.99 for Android and Steam users. The developers earned millions of dollars from different platforms like Play Store, Apple Store, and Steam. In De 22 But after getting millions of downloads from different platforms, the developers decide to release this game for free. So they made several versions of this game with fewer features and introduced it to the market. Those versions are Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, Geometry Dash Subzero, and the latest version Geometry Electroman Adventures. If you want more exciting games and apps, visit our website daily or bookmark APK Thinkers.

App NameGeometry Dash Apk
PublisherRobTop Games
App Size85 MB
Latest Version2.111
Last Updated13 March 2021

More about Geometry Dash Apk

As we all know that, every platform has its own type of entertainment and joy level—some of us like adventurous, action, and dramatic games. But most people play games to have a good time and for entertainment purposes.  Today, we’re going to talk about a game that has a separate level of fun. It’s too easy in starting levels at the start, but as the game progresses, the games’ levels become harder and difficult. Download now!

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Geometry Dash Apk

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Last Updated: Saturday, March 13, 2021

To make this game more interesting, the developers added different types of difficulties in this game on different levels includes the cube, a ball, or UFO. It would be best if you tapped on the screen to overcome the difficulties by flying and jump. You’ve to be careful while passing the obstacle; if you touched the obstacle, you’d lose the game, and the game will start from the beginning.  If you pass the level successfully, you’ll get an award like coins of different colors and rates, which you can use to purchase new skins, outfits, death explosions, and many other interesting things. The difficulty of levels increases as per game progress.

Geometry Dash Apk Gameplay

There are 21 levels in this game that the user has to finish bypassing many obstacles, jumping, flipping, and flying. Moreover, there are a total of 50 million levels available online. The touchscreen keyboard option is for users for better gameplay. You can use this keyboard to make your icon fly, jump and overcome obstacles. Unfortunately, the speed of the object cannot be control by you.

Geometry Dash Apk Features

Let’s take a look at the amazing features of this app.

New Levels

New Levels

As I said above, it’s a rhythm-based game and depends on the user characteristics, timing, and rhythm and lets them move according to it. The mission/level of the game will complete when you reach the end of the level, and you’ll earn the reward. As I mentioned above, this game has 21 levels; almost 18 levels are unlocked. But 3 levels are locked, and the player has to complete the previous levels, then these levels will be unlocked. Therefore, do you know that each of the levels has three secret coins? These coins are used to unlock those three locked levels. Those three levels make Geometry Dash apk more interesting, challenging, addictive, and thrilling.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode

Do you know that if you’re not a pro player, you can the practice mode available in the game? You can practice the gameplay and sharpen your gameplay to make yourself more professional. In practice mode, it allows you to set checkpoints by yourself. So, if you hit any obstacle by mistake, your game will start from the last checkpoint. Bear in mind that the levels can only be completed in arcade mode; it has no concern with the practice mode. This mode is just for practice.

Frequently Ask Questions about Geometry Dash Apk

How to get diamonds for free in Geometry Dash?

Every player must complete the 1vs1 challenges to get diamonds. Moreover, you can also win diamonds by completing the quests opening chest boxes from the treasure room, and collecting keys.

Do you know the latest version of Geometry Dash?

It’s Geometry Dash SubZero.

Is Geometry Dash free or paid?

It was paid at the start, but now it’s freely available on many websites. We’re also providing the direct download link of Geometry Dash apk.

In-Game Purchasing

In-Game Purchasing

Players can also do in-app purchases in Geometry Dash apk 2021 of different things or items with the help of special in-game currency “Mana Orbs.” Moreover, something is interesting for paid game users. Now, they can play the games at user-generated levels. Moreover, users can create their own levels and upload them to the game. However, this feature is just limited to the players who use a paid version of this game. Moreover, the developers’ difficulty is set, and users cannot interfere in this.

 Create Levels

While creating a level, it will give you the following options:

  • Create your own levels and upload them into the Geometry Dash apk
  • Downloadable user-generated levels
  • More Rewards
  • Daily and Weekly Challenges
  • Map Packs
  • Search
  • Hall of Fame
  • Gauntlets

More Features

  • 21 Different Levels
  • Amazing High Definition Graphics
  • Change Game Character
  • 100+ Game Characters
  • Complete Statistics
  • Unlock New Achievements & Items

Final Words

I hope you like this blog post; I’ve covered almost everything about this game. So, what are you waiting for? Download this game and enjoy. Anyhow, this game is a perfect combination of HD graphics, High-Quality sound effects, and colorful background.  Once upon a time, I was feeling bored, and I was looking for a thrilling game. Boom, I found this game, and I feel like it’s different from many other games available in the market. It supports almost every device and needs very low requirements to run this game smoothly. Download now Geometry Dash apk full version and enjoy your day!

Mark Joseph is from Pakistan. He did graduation with a Bachelors's in Computer Sciences in 2021. He is a passionate blogger, writer, and digital marketer. Moreover, he is an Android enthusiast

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